Robin Szombath

violin maker | luthier

Workshop | Atelier

Born in 1995 in Graz and raised in Burgenland, Austria, I started my four years of apprenticeship at 15 to become a stringed & plucked instrument maker at the school of arts in Hallstatt (Austria) which I graduated from with distinction. My final assignment, a Koboz, was awarded the “Best Instrument” distinction.

After my apprenticeship, I taught the making of historical instruments at Castle Rapottenstein (Austria) and after stays in Canada, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary, I took Cimbalom lessons with Cimbalom-master Kállmán Balogh in Budapest.
I spent my journeymanship at the violin making atelier of Tomáš Kaiser in Bratislava (Slovakia) and at Jürgen Manthey in Leipzig (Germany), where I had worked for 5 years and where my own handcrafted violins and violas were sold.

After passing the examination for the master craftman’s certificate 2020 in Linz and Hamburg with excellent success, I was offered a one-year scholarship during which I worked in various ateliers in Austria as well as at Casa da Guitarra, Alfredo Teixeira and Oficina dos Violinos in Porto (Portugal).

Since 2022, I have been self-employed in the Pannonian Burgenland (Austria).

Bronze medal winner at the XIII. Concorso Internazionale di Liuteria di Pisogne 2022 in Cremona  (Italy).