Robin Szombath

violin maker | luthier

Stringed Instruments

~ opening violin making atelier in Porto! – beginning with autumn 2022 an additional atelier will be established in Portugal ~


Alpine spruce, bosnian maple, lombardian poplar. Several years dried tonewoods, fine carved and tuned for excellent sound, finished with St. Petersburg amber-varnish. From Leipzig to Lyon, from Vienna to London, from Lisbon to Vancouver Instruments of the atelier enrich musicians with their gentle timbre.

Inspired by the sound and aesthetics of traditional Italian instruments, I craft

V i o l i n s

mostly modelled after A. Stradivari, G. Guarneri and N. Amati,

V i o l a s

sized between 39.5 and 42.5 cm and modelled after A. Guarneri and G. Gennaro,

C e l l i

modelled after M. Goffriller as well as

G a m b a s

based on historical models.