Robin Szombath

violin maker | luthier

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Bronze medal at XIII Concorso Internazionale di Liuteria di Pisogne | Cremona
1st price “Best Instrument” with final assignment at instrument making competition (Austria) testing final work Robin Szombath
Jürgen Manhtey, violin making master | Leipzig
Salon du Violon | Lyon – 2021
Course for making historical string instruments | Rapottenstein (Austria) — August 2014 & 2022

Press Report: Masterworks with coulourful sound
Press Report: unique lutherie workshop opening after a century
Press Report: ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) — croatian ethnic group — Report Aug. 26th, 2020
Djelaonica cimbala u Kugi
Press Report: — Report Aug. 24th, 2020
Altes Holz mit herrlichem Klang neu belebt. Zymbal nach über 50 Jahren aus Dornröschenschlaf erweckt
(Old wood revived with superb sound. Zymbal reawakened after 50 years of oblivion)
Press Report: Hangszerkészitö mühely nyílt dél-Burgenlandban (Instrument making atelier opening in south-Burgenland)
Gedenkdienst in Portugal - Austrian Service Abroad with the austrian President | Hofburg Vienna