Robin Szombath

violin maker | luthier


Stringed Instruments


Inspired by the sound and aesthetics of traditional Italian instruments, I craft


V i o l i n s

mostly modelled after A. Stradivari, G. Guarneri and N. Amati,


V i o l a s

sized between 39.5 and 42.5 cm and modelled after A. Guarneri and G. Gennaro,


C e l l i

modelled after M. Goffriller as well as


V i o l a s    da    g a m b a

based on historical models.



Plucked Instruments


G u i t a r s

The guitars are crafted in the atelier of finest tonewood, of regional sustainable origin if possible. Buyer’s requests are implemented with masterly experience.


L u t e s,  C i t t e r n s,  B a r o q u e  G u i t a r s

Aesthetically oriented towards old originals, replicas of historical stringed instruments are made of finest tonewood, applying authentic, traditional handcrafting techniques.



Pannonian Instruments


T a m b u r i c a — B i s e r n i c a,  B r a č,  B u g a r i j a  and  B e r d a —,  K o b o z,  C i t t e r n,  G a r d o n,  H u r d y-G u r d y, …

Since 2021, instruments made of regionally grown wood have been created in close exchange with local musicians according to models and measurements of historical as well as modern examples to preserve and enrich the unique musical diversity of the regional Hungarian, Croatian and other instruments from Burgenland.


100 % handmade in Burgenland (Austria).